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3 Technology Considerations for Comprehensive Security


Discover how modern technology is helping to keep people and data safe.

  • Cyber Security vs Physical Security
  • Visitor Management System
  • Send and Receive Notifications in Emergency Situations
  • Reduce Threats to Physical Devices with Biometrics

What is Comprehensive Security

Comprehensive security is an approch that intergrates network security, cybersecurity, and the physical security of people, locations, and devices.

Cybersecurity vs Physical Security

There is no doubt that developing a strong cybersecurity strategy is necessary to an organization’s survival in 2020. However, the focus on cybersecurity has many decision makers unintentionally deprioritizing physical security. In fact, 86% of CEOs prioritize cybersecurity over physical security. Oftentimes, the physical security buck stops at visitor badges and a surveillance camera system.

While protecting company and customer data keeps a business running and enables growth, physically protecting your people should have as equal, if not greater, importance. Advancements in digital technology have led to more sophisticated physical security systems. We highlight three such solutions below that enhance your organization’s overall security strategy and protect your most valued asset – your people.

Visitor Management System

It is important for any company to make a positive first impression to the individuals visiting their offices. It is equally important to create a safe environment for those visitors and the employees who work there. Unfortunately, the check-in process for visitors is often not as welcoming or as safe as it could be.

For many organizations, visitors must produce a government-issued photo ID to be admitted entrance, which can be alienating for some visitors. Some organizations also utilize a security guard at their front desk, which can be intimidating. Others depend on a front desk receptionist to admit entrance, which is not as secure as using a security guard. As you can see, striking that balance between secure and welcoming is not as easy as one would hope.

In order to make that positive first impression that you desire, you should consider implementing a high-quality visitor management system; a secure platform that allows your team to manage all visitors to the building. TEEM LobbyConnect is a visitor management system with which our customers have seen great outcomes. With TEEM LobbyConnect:

  • Guests can register via a web browser or a mobile device prior to arrival and hosts are immediately notified of guest arrivals.
  • You can keep your building secure with email alerts when a visitor matches your visitor watchlist.
  • Visitors can create their own photo IDs with TEEM’s wireless printer integrations.
  • Guests can be required to sign NDAs and other contracts as part of the check-in process.
  • IT administrators can easily manage host lists via Active Directory.

The TEEM LobbyConnect software also remembers returning visitors, so they do not have to fill out the same information every time they come in. With more transparency around who is entering your office while making the process more streamlined for visitors, you ultimately get the best of both worlds by creating a more welcoming environment for visitors while improving your building security.


Send and Receive Notifications in Emergency Situations

The number one priority for any business should be the safety and welfare of its employees. In today’s world, there are no shortage of potential emergency situations that could compromise the welfare of a workplace: active shooters, chemical emergencies, evacuations, and everyday occurrences such as severe weather are all situations where every employee would need immediate notification and further instructions. Some organizations rely on sending out mass text messages in these scenarios. However, this is not enough. Solely sending out mobile phone notifications misses 20% to 30% of people. You need a solution that is guaranteed to be seen by everyone.

InformaCast from Singlewire Software is a mass notification system that sends audio, text, and images to mobile and on-premises devices, ensuring that everybody in your organization is aware of the notification. It increases the speed, reach, and success rate of emergency notification communications to get critical information to the people that need it.

InformaCast is especially useful for organizations who have or are considering deploying Microsoft Teams, due to the integration between InformaCast and Teams. This allows organizations to initiate an InformaCast alert from Teams that is broadcast through Microsoft Teams, mobile phones, digital signage, and other connected devices. It will also simultaneously bring key personnel into a Teams Incident Response Channel, allowing immediate management of crisis situations.

With a full comprehensive emergency notification system, you can more confidently ensure the safety and welfare of everyone in your organization.

Reduce Threats to Physical Devices with Biometrics

Physical security is not just building security, but also the security of individual devices. If a malicious actor has access to your employee’s device and their password, then they have access to everything on that user’s account, including your company data. This highlights the problem with passwords: they are outdated.

A strong password can be difficult to remember. As a result, many users create one good password and use it across all their accounts. This means that if there is a server breach across just about any of the other services that your employee uses, then chances are the hacker can now access your work network and sensitive data.

As part of Windows 10, Microsoft has developed Windows Hello. This advanced biometrics system replaces passwords with strong two-factor authentication on Windows 10 PCs and devices. It allows a user to authenticate a Microsoft account through a facial scan, iris scan, or fingerprint to log in to their device. This results in a more user-friendly solution that increases security by erasing the need for passwords and ensuring that work devices are only accessed by authorized individuals.


Physical security systems are more than just CCTV systems and visitor badges in the digital age—they are a way to enhance your overall business while keeping your data, environment, and people safe.

Apex Digital Solutions is a certified re-seller for TEEM, SingleWire, and Microsoft, and specializes in deploying the solutions that secure your organization while keeping end-users productive. We can assist with the assessment, planning, deployment, and management of security technology solutions. Reach out to us at hello@apexdigital.com today for more information on how you can make your organization more secure, productive, and engaged.

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