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Managed Security Services for Microsoft 365 and Azure

Manage. Detect. Respond. Improve.

Cybersecurity challenges for modern organizations

As organizations continue to adapt at the pace of technology and compete globally, they face an ever-increasing complexity of challenges to secure their business while responding to threats when and where they happen.

Complex threats.

Securing today’s modern workforce is increasingly challenging due to erosion of corporate boundaries and the proliferation of cloud services. Threats and threat actors are continuously adapting and finding new ways to exploit your users and technologies putting your business at risk.

Limited visibility.

Organizations struggle with visibility and understanding how and where their data is being used and stored by their corporate users. As networks have expanded, it has become increasingly more difficult to monitor and secure critical assets resulting in increased operational risk.

Inefficient spend.

Tool sprawl and duplication of functionality across various security toolsets result in inefficient technology and increased security spend. Limited integration and excess manageability lead to additional strain on your IT budget and resources; increasing risk.

Skills shortage.

A significant global shortage for cybersecurity skills has negatively impacted organizations ability to hire, train, and retain talent. Without access to skilled resources, organizations struggle to handle the volume and complexity of the data generated by advanced security platforms.

Solving cybersecurity challenges with Aegis™ Security Services

Leveraging best-in-class technology from Microsoft combined with dedicated security experts, the Aegis suite of services delivers improved results that will allow you the peace of mind to know that your business is always protected.

Secure your modern workforce with modern approaches.

Leverage modern security platforms purpose-built to secure your organization across your digital footprint including identities, devices, applications, infrastructure, network, and data. Microsoft’s XDR capabilities combined with a zero-trust approach will help your organization address security for the modern workforce.

Secure more, spend less.

Enable your organization to achieve better security while reducing your security spend at the same time. Consolidate tools and vendors and maximize value achieved by ensuring you use the Microsoft products you are licensed for. Simplify your security management through consolidation to a single market-leading vendor.

Security expertise where you need it the most.

Focused expertise where it matters most to ensure you are managing and monitoring the platforms and security tools you have in-place. Prevent misconfigurations that put your business at risk. Reduce the risk of alert fatigue by augmenting your team with our team of experts.

Improve security maturity over time.

Security is a journey and not a destination. Through continuously monitoring and measuring your operational and capability maturity, you can identify gaps – both known and unknown – across people, process, and technology. Prioritize and plan how best to address those gaps, over time, to improve your overall health.

Introducing Aegis Security Services

Aegis provides critical expertise to help organizations manage and monitor their Microsoft 365 and Azure infrastructure for security and compliance.


Focused expertise to manage your account and mature your security program over time.



Detect and respond to advanced threats quickly before they put your business
at risk.



Manage your Microsoft 365 and Azure infrastructure to ensure they are always deployed and configured securely.


Receive the Level of Protection Your Organization Needs

Choose between Aegis Assist and Aegis Advanced to receive the level of security monitoring that is ideal for an organization of your size and security maturity.

Aegis Advanced

24×7 real-time security event triage and response by experts.


Aegis Assist

Monthly security event review with Security expert.


Aegis Advanced

24×7 real-time security event triage and response by experts.


Receive the Level of Protection Your Organization Needs

Choose between Aegis Assist and Aegis Advanced to receive the level of security monitoring that is ideal for an organization of your size and security maturity.


Manage your Microsoft 365 and Azure environments to ensure they are always configured securely.


Detect advanced threats that are missed by other technologies or approaches.


Respond to threats before they put your business at risk.


Improve your security maturity over time through continuous monitoring and measurement.

Vantage OML Maturity Model, Apex Digital Solutions

Vantage™ Maturity Model

Vantage is our proprietary capability and operational maturity model designed to help organizations monitor and measure their current maturity based on key questions and traits. Vantage helps identify and prioritize critical areas that organizations can improve over time through continuous assessment and re-assessment across core functional areas, including security.


Discovery Meeting Request

Please provide your contact information if you’d like to schedule a meeting with our security experts to learn more about Aegis and Vantage.

Webinar Recording: Zero Trust in Action

Cover Your A** from Security Breaches

Learn how to align your people, processes, and technology to a Zero Trust security model.

During this event, Sean Flahie (Senior Microsoft Practice Director, Apex Digital Solutions) reviewed the core principles of Zero Trust and provide examples of security efforts that should be prioritized to maximize security return on investment (ROI).

In the second half of the webinar, Tommy Scott (Senior Security Consultant, CRITICALSTART) demonstrated how their organization triages and quickly resolves threat alerts with their Zero Trust Analytics Platform (ZTAP).

What you will gain from this webinar recording:

        • Review of the core principles of Zero Trust
        • Actionable examples for how to align your security priorities to those key principles
        • Live demonstration of Zero Trust Analytics Platform (ZTAP) from CRITICALSTART
View the Recording >

Leverage the Microsoft 365 security portfolio to automatically analyze threat data across domains.

  • Manage and secure hybrid identities and simplify employee, partner, and customer access with Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Defender for Identity
  • Deliver preventive protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and response for endpoints with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Get visibility, control data, and detect threats across cloud services and apps with Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Secure your email, documents, and collaboration tools with Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Apex Digital Solutions can assist with the evaluation, purchase, deployment, and long-term support and success management of Microsoft 365 so you can securely run and grow your business.

Microsoft Security Workshop, Apex Digital Solutions

Get Started with a Security Assessment

Learn how secure your organization is right now, and how to mitigate and protect against threats moving forward. With our Microsoft Security Workshops, we will demonstrate product capabilities, assess your environment to identify security risks, and develop a customized strategic plan based on your goals with the recommendations of Microsoft security experts.