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With a lack of basketball bracketology this month, we decided to bring a new kind of bracket for the month of March.

We asked the question: What Security solutions are best for keeping your organization productive and secure? Enjoy!


Category 1: Threat Protection

Category 2: Information Protection

Category 3: Endpoint Management

Category 4: Identity & Access Management

And the winner…

As your organization expands and evolves your digital estates, with new apps, data, and devices, it is more important than ever to have an integrated approach to security. 

If you are looking to streamline your approach to security, consider a Microsoft Security Workshop and Threat Check.  In this engagement, Apex will address your company’s security state of the world and the current threats to your cloud environment and provide tailored recommendations for how you can better secure your organization with the right approach. You’ll gain a comprehensive security report, tailored to your organization, and have an opportunity to take part in an immersive experience to learn how Microsoft approaches security.

At Apex Digital Solutions, we specialize in solutions that secure your organization while keeping end-users productive. Contact us at hello@apexdigital.com today to learn more about Microsoft Security and discuss how Apex Digital Solutions can help make your organization more productive and secure.