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Enable rich collaboration across all devices.

Pilot and deployment services for Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Work continues to evolve, and business leaders are looking for a new operating model defined by flexibility. To succeed, organizations need to focus on three things: putting the right policies in place, reconfiguring physical spaces, and using technology to put it all together. 

Join Steve Thompson for his inaugural edition of “Fridays with Steve” as he discusses the Microsoft Hybrid Meetings & Rooms Workshop and how technology is the binding factor to create inclusive meeting and collaboration experiences.

In this webinar discuss how the Microsoft Hybrid Meetings & Rooms workshop includes:

  • An evaluation of your current meetings, spaces, and meeting rooms capabilities
  • A premium showcase of Teams Rooms and hybrid meetings
  • Direction on how to transform to Teams Rooms and hybrid meetings
  • A customized report with actionable recommendations to ensure your team can meet seamlessly and share information securely