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Title: Zero Trust in Action

Date: Thursday, October 28th

Time: 11:00 AM EST

Duration: 60 minutes



Learn how to align your people, processes, and technology to a Zero Trust security model.

The concept of “Zero Trust” is used often when discussing modern security strategies, but what does it mean to implement a Zero Trust security model in your organization? In this webinar, presented by Apex Digital Solutions and CriticalSTART, you will walk away with actionable guidance to accelerate your Zero Trust journey.

During this event, Sean Flahie (Senior Microsoft Practice Director, Apex Digital Solutions) will review the core principles of Zero Trust and provide examples of security efforts that should be prioritized to maximize security return on investment (ROI).

A Zero Trust strategy doesn’t have to result in alert overload for your security operations team. In the second half of the webinar, Tommy Scott (Senior Security Consultant, CriticalSTART) will demonstrate how their organization triages and quickly resolves threat alerts with their Zero Trust Analytics Platform (ZTAP).

What you will gain from this webinar:

  • Review of the core principles of Zero Trust
  • Actionable examples for how to align your security priorities to those key principles
  • Live demonstration of Zero Trust Analytics Platform (ZTAP) from CriticalSTART




Sean Flahie

Sean Flahie

Senior Microsoft Practice Director, Apex Digital Solutions

Tommy Scott

Tommy Scott

Senior Security Consultant, CriticalSTART

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