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Integrated IT begins with a strategic vision – build that vision with Consulting, Virtual CIO, and Compliance and Security Services that help you run a best-in-class organization.


The right technologies can improve your day-to-day effectiveness. Gain efficiency with technology from providers such as Microsoft ®, Jabra®, Dell™ and more.


Bring together your IT strategy and technology solutions with Managed and Professional Services. Let our consultants refocus your staff on more strategic initiatives.

We’re a leading provider of managed and traditional IT services and support headquartered in metropolitan Detroit with specialization in public, private and hybrid cloud deployments.




Problem with Windows? We have a tool for that!

As an end user, how many times have you had to call customer support to explain an issue you are having and it comes out something like this: “I got an error….it said something about something, but I can’t remember what it said…how do you fix that?” Often times you...

Why on Earth Aren’t You in the Cloud?

We are experiencing an evolution in the direction and implementation of Infrastructure services.  In the “old days,”  all servers, data, and applications were housed on premise, IT was tasked with keeping the business running. Real problems facing IT departments...

Customizing DirSync

Microsoft is the leader in cloud computing and has a very popular and technology rich offering with their Office 365 suite of hosted technologies. Microsoft has delivered a great experience by providing numerous scenarios for identity integration, hybrid-based...


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