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Configure Gmail in Outlook

Outlook is one of most commonly used software systems in the corporate environment. It offers powerful features for managing your email, meetings and contacts. Some features are intuitive to use and some takes a little time to figure out. In this blog I’ll answer one...

Cross-Forest Lync Migration

A client wanted to perform a domain migration after purchasing a new vanity domain name. It was important to them that their internal domain matched their external domain. There isn’t a supported path to migrate Lync to another Active Directory domain, so the...

SharePoint Workflows – Classroom Concepts

Have you ever had a scenario where you wanted users to submit documents to a SharePoint library, but did not want them to see documents submitted by other users? This request surfaces from time to time, and is a typical use case in educational institutions where a...

Check out Microsoft Virtual Labs

As technology enthusiasts we all want to get our hands on the newest products on the market but this is not always possible. Microsoft has tried to make this a bit easier on us by making new Microsoft products available through the TechNet Evaluation Center. They’ve...


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