Aegis, with the newly launched Vantage Maturity Model, provides services to help customers manage, detect, and respond to advanced cybersecurity threats while continuously improving their maturity over time.

Southfield, MI, November 12, 2020 — Apex Digital Solutions, a Michigan-based technology solutions provider, announced today the launch of new Managed Security Services to provide end-to-end security for customers leveraging Microsoft 365 and Azure. Aegis provides security expertise where you need it the most, leveraging Microsoft’s XDR capabilities and zero-trust approach to help your organization address security for the modern workforce.

“Our mission is to empower people to make a positive difference in the lives of others, and the services we bring to market are designed to fulfill that mission,” said Jason Lambiris, CEO of Apex Digital Solutions. “In the complicated and ever-changing world of cybersecurity, success can only be achieved by focusing on the people and process, not just the technology.”

The Aegis suite of services helps customers manage, detect, and respond to threats within their environments using the Microsoft 365 and Azure security and compliance portfolio. By better securing organizations across identities, devices, applications, infrastructure, network, and data, Aegis provides organizations confidence that they can secure their business and their data no matter where their users or workloads exist. In combination with the Vantage Maturity Model, Aegis enables customers to continuously evaluate and identify how to clearly improve their capability and operational maturity over time.

“Cyber threats are becoming increasingly more complex and the workforce complications brought on by the global pandemic have only made this process more rapid,” said Sean Flahie, Senior Practice Director of Microsoft at Apex Digital Solutions, “We have identified that it is not enough for customers to secure their people, data, and devices with one-off projects and deployments; instead it is essential to form long-term partnerships that permit customers to consistently reassess and mature their security postures over time.”

Depending on the Aegis services selected, customers are assigned named experts across all critical activities including a Customer Success Manager (CSM) for assessments and roadmap management, a Security Architect for deployment and configuration, and a Security Concierge for incident response planning and security event monitoring, tuning and triage. Through continuous observation, orientation, decision making, and action, the Aegis security team guides customers through their unique journey to a more secure and modern workforce.

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Apex Digital Solutions is a professional and managed services provider enabling business transformation for customers to be more secure, productive, and engaged. A top Microsoft cloud partner, Apex was founded in 1999 with a purpose to “Empower people to make a positive difference in the lives of others.” Headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, the company specializes in productivity, device management, and security cloud services. For more information about Apex Digital Solutions visit:

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