Securing a modern workforce has become increasingly challenging due to the erosion of corporate boundaries and the increase in cloud services. Threats are only becoming more complex, and threat actors are constantly developing more sophisticated ways to breach your network and access your data. You need a modern cybersecurity strategy. 

However, developing and implementing a best-in-class cyber security strategy takes time, focus and resources. Cybersecurity is a journey, not a destination — there are no shortcuts.  

On February 4th, 2020, we hosted a webinar featuring Apex Digital Solutions CEO, Jason Lambiris, and Senior Security Advisor, Sean Blenkhorn, as they gave a look at the key steps in developing a cybersecurity strategy and how to measure, monitor, and mature your security strategy over time.  

In this webinar, Jason and Sean discussed how to establish a foundation, understand your threat landscape, and build your strategic plan. They reviewed frameworks and tools, including our proprietary Vantage Maturity Model, that can be used to aid in this journey. 

This webinar was the first in our “Best-in-Class Series,” a webinar series focused on helping customers understand how to improve and mature their organization’s people, process, and technologies to become more secure, productive, and engaged.  

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