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Complete your Teams experience with MultiShare, Overview, and Whiteboard from Frameable.

Harness the Power of Collaboration with Frameable and Microsoft Teams

In the ever-evolving digital workspace, organizations grapple with disjointed communication tools and inefficient collaboration processes. Apex, in partnership with Frameable, brings you integrated solutions that streamline your teamwork within Microsoft Teams, addressing these common challenges head-on.

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Enhance remote collaboration within Microsoft products by utilizing tools that streamline teamwork from anywhere.


Overcome the limitations of standard screen sharing. 

The only way that users can share multiple screens in a Microsoft Teams call. MultiShare enables users to maximize their productivity through streamlined collaboration.

Users enjoy:

  • uninterrupted screen sharing
  • spotlighting specific screens
  • toggling between different shared screens, and more
Frameable Multishare
Frameable Multishare


The all-in-one dashboard for everything you do in Microsoft Teams.

Streamline and simplify your most common Microsoft Teams workflows. Quickly access the items that are most important to you.

Tailored to your specific needs:

  • access chats, files, upcoming meetings, and more at a glance
  • search intuitively with advanced filtering


The easiest way to collaboratively brainstorm and craft compelling ideas from start to finish.

Built for in-call collaboration but available anywhere. Frameable Whiteboard is a comprehensive collaboration tool for sharing instant ideas within Microsoft Teams.

Enjoy intuitive design:

  • nested cards and semantic zoom
  • easy to create and share whether in a call or sharing externally
  • start from scratch or pick up where you left off from anywhere
Frameable Multishare

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Apex Digital Solutions equips you with these advanced tools and ensures seamless integration and ongoing support, enhancing your Microsoft Teams experience and driving your team’s success.

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Our deeper level of engagement with Microsoft provides us with access to high-value Micrsosoft resources and incentives, providing you with a higher quality of service and ROI.

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We pride ourselves on consistently receiving 98%+ customer satisfaction ratings and over 80 Net Promoter Scores every quarter. Basically – satisfaction guaranteed.

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We have three Advanced Specializations with Microsoft, and more certifications than we have room to list here. We know our stuff and can guide you through the Microsoft ecosystem.

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