2020 felt like a blur.

It was a year of unprecedented global change, where we saw massive acceleration toward global transformation due to a new remote and modern workforce. Due to so many personal and professional changes, it would have been easy to miss some major events that occurred throughout the year.

For twelve days in the month of December, we took it upon ourselves on our Twitter page to recap the top headlines of the year that you may have missed or forgotten about.

Here are our “12 Days of 2020” in order:

Day 1 – January

Day 2 – February

Day 3 – March

Day 4 – April

Day 5 – May

Day 6 – June

Day 7 – July

Day 8 – August

Day 9 – September

Day 10 – October

Day 11 – November

Day 12 – December

We hope you enjoyed our 12 Days of 2020! Stay tuned on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages to get a better understanding of how to best keep your organization secure, productive, and engaged.