The nature of cyberthreats has become more complicated than ever before. It is vital that you understand every aspect of how security breaches affect your organization.

Throughout May 2021, we hosted a 3-part panel webinar series hosted by Apex Digital Solutions CEO, Jason Lambiris, and featured a panel of experts including Sean Blenkhorn (Sr. Security Advisor, Apex Digital Solutions), Steven Legg (Co-Founder & CEO, Antigen Security), Chris Martella (Shareholder, Kemp Klein Law Firm), and Brian Pilarski (Commercial Insurance Agent, Brown & Brown of Detroit).

In this webinar series, our panel helped to develop a deeper understanding of the considerations you should take relative to your organization’s security as well as with any third-party relationships. We explored best practices for contracts, insurance, incident response planning, and the value of assessments along the way.

View the recordings for each part below, and contact Apex for how you can get started with strengthening your organization’s security posture today!

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Part 1: Prepare for a Security Breach

Part 2: React to a Security Breach in Real-Time

Part 3: The Aftermath of a Security Breach