Microsoft Security and the Benefits of Microsoft 365

Improve Cloud Security Posture

In the webinar we will discuss:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Information Protection
  • Threat Protection
  • Security Management
  • E3 vs E5 Licensing
  • Security and Compliance Offers
  • Reduce Costs


Discover your M365 Security Tools

Almost all companies have embraced the cloud at some level. Traditional IT boundaries are disappearing, and adversaries have many new targets to attack. One of the biggest challenges in digital transformation is ensuring security across the entire digital landscape, without reducing end-user productivity. As people bring devices, apps, and data into organizations today, protecting company assets requires a new approach.

While no single security provider will cover your entire digital footprint, enterprise customers that embrace the Microsoft productivity suite can realize significant gains in security with Microsoft 365. Join us as we discuss the security benefits of Microsoft 365, and show how your organization can improve your security posture.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 Unifies Enterprise Security and User Productivity

Learn how these products can improve your security posture and do so while be highly automated.

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Information Protection
  • Threat Protection
  • Security Management

Microsoft Security Workshop

Your organization may qualify for Microsoft funding. Give us a call to discuss the details and develop joint plans and next steps.

  • Understand your security goals
  • Deliver the end-to-end Microsoft security story
  • Showcase security scenarios with hands-on activities
  • Develop joint plans and next steps

We used Microsoft Teams Live Events to deliver this webinar.

Here is the VOD recording of the webinar:

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