The Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) is available to you for free.

Glance into your future of increased collaboration, improved security, and higher engagement!

Get hands-on with Microsoft 365 through Apex’s Microsoft CIE 

Experience what is possible using modern Microsoft productivity tools while Apex provides guidance along the way.

Work through actual workplace challenges to discover which Microsoft tools can help your organization become more secure, productive, and engaged. This immersive experience puts you in the driver’s seat for a truly interactive experience. It allows you to get hands-on with Windows 10, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and Enterprise Mobility + Security from our Microsoft Certified CIE facilitators. 

Your Immersion Experience

Each session delivered by Apex Digital Solutions is tailored to your organizations unique environment and interests.

An Immersion Experience is a facilitated hands-on session to test-drive Microsoft devices and solutions through simulated, everyday scenarios. Apex will walk you through productivity, collaboration, and security scenarios using the latest Microsoft 365. services along with productivity tools and devices. With our Microsoft CIE:

  • You are in the drivers seat for a one and a half – 3 hour session customized to your organization’s priorities – this is not a canned demo
  • A Microsoft Certified facilitator guides you through a live environment in the cloud to explore what’s possible
  • Each participant has the ability to role play as different “personas” (CEO, Marketing Director, Accountant, etc.)

Our Microsoft CIE Certified Facilitators 

Make progress towards the outcomes you seek with the right guiding hand.

We are excited to facilitate a Microsoft CIE with you. The evolving state of the workplace calls for a complete set of collaboration tools. With our Certified Facilitators, you will be empowered to envision the future that you desire for your organization.

Jason Lambiris

Chief Executive Officer

Sean Flahie

Senior Practice Director, Microsoft

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Immersion Experiences are a great way for business leaders to better understand the technology solutions they have access to, leading to process improvements, and improved workplace environments.