Achieve more from your investment in Microsoft Office 365 with comprehensive reporting from the Nova Management Platform and world-class services and support from Apex Digital Solutions.

Take the next step towards advanced SaaS management by transitioning from Radar Reporting to the Nova platform.

Radar Reporting

With the retirement of Radar Reporting, you have the option to transition to the Nova platform.  Nova can streamline operations, deliver full control of your environment, and empower your IT teams to work on processes, rather than getting tied up in them.  Improvements you will find in Nova not available with Radar Reporting include:

• Expanded Teams reporting – including individual team and user statistics.

• Include audit log data – Reports can now include data directly from the  audit log, such as ‘failed logins’.

• Improved multi-tenant support – All reports can be made multi-tenant.

• Import and export reports across tenant boundaries.

• Multiple data source reports – Combine data from multiple workloads to compare and contrast, such as SharePoint Online, Exchange, Yammer, and the audit log.

Create Clone Reports – You can now clone custom reports to make report production faster.

Flexibility for report sharing – You can generate your own personal reports that only you can see, so that you socialize and review them before you publish them corporately.

Microsoft Licensing

Flexible and adaptable to help your organization stay nimble.

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Nova can be added on to Microsoft 365 licensing plans through Apex Digital Solutions and is included in our Empower for Microsoft 365 service.  

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