Secure your organizational identities and access

Microsoft Identity Security sets a foundation for your overall security strategy

In the era of modern work, it can be a struggle to keep your identities and access secure. Learn how to improve your security posture and reduce costs by engaging in the Microsoft Secure Identities and Access Workshop!

During this webinar, we give an overview of the Secure Identities and Access Workshop and explain why identity is the fundamental pillar of an integrated security philosophy and end-to-end security strategy.

You will learn about the benefits of engaging in the Microsoft Secure Identities & Access Workshop and about the benefits of using Azure Active Directory, including:

  • Identify potential risks related to identity and see opportunities for improvement
  • Receive a numerical rating of your identity security posture and see how it compares to similar organizations
  • Minimize expenses associated with password reset and helpdesk resources.​
  • Get a sample survey of apps your employees are using and if IT supports them or not.