Conference Rooms: a pillar for supporting company culture

Culture is the lifeblood of a successful organization. It is an organization’s personality—the way it “feels” to work at and to work with. It is the complete summation of a company’s values, purpose, and ethics. It is vital for the culture to be consistent throughout an organization to ensure that their values are truly embedded in every aspect of their business. This can prove to be a challenge for organizations that grow at a rapid rate and begin to expand into large spaces or into multiple locations.

Promoting culture in a swiftly growing organization is difficult because the larger your organization grows the harder it is to get a handle on each team. Therein it is difficult to ensure each team member within the organization is instilled the organization’s values from their hiring. However, executives of rapidly growing companies are realizing that modern collaboration technology has been making this process much easier. With technologies like the Office 365 suite and integrative conference room systems, they can promote and drive company culture in innovative ways.

Hitting the Ground Running

Two years ago, we began working with a brand-new start up with only 19 employees. They had previously been a part of another, larger company, so they were already familiar with promoting company culture, and where expansion can hurt company culture. With less face time, they found that it is very easy for different branches of an organization to develop their own cultures and values. They turned to us to ensure that their communication technology was collaborative and integrative with their conference room technology. We immediately acted and found a room system that worked with their small company size. But then, seemingly overnight, the unexpected happened: they exploded in size.

Meeting Room and Conference Technology Drive Collaboration

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Over the next year and a half, they added a dozen new sites throughout the Midwest area and beyond, including a second corporate office in an entirely different state. They had gone from a modest 19 users to nearly 200 users in total with sites all over the country.  Soon enough, the room system that we initially equipped them with was not robust enough to satisfy their new needs with promoting culture.

Adapting to New Needs

With nearly two hundred more schedules to balance, scheduling had suddenly become much more complicated for this organization. They had already valued promptness, and these new expansions really put this to the test. It was now more than ever essential for users to balance their calendars and to attend meetings on time. With that said, it was of equal importance for the technology to work seamlessly with these calendars and for them to work exactly as intended so meetings would have no issue starting on time and not holding up a dozen people and their tight schedules.

It was also very important to the CEO that he have access to high-quality cameras during meetings, particularly between the two corporate offices. Not only does this allow him to have a personal element to these important meetings and allow him to interact with team members individually even when hundreds of miles away, but it also allows him to make sure that everyone in the meeting is engaged and not backgrounding the meeting.

The technology that we had initially set them up with was equipped with some of these features, but with the immense growth of the organization, the importance of these features skyrocketed. With more new sites on the horizon it was imperative that we develop an excellent solution for them quickly.

Getting Everyone on the Same Page

With a foundation of how their meetings were structured, we could adjust to their needs and find a room system solution that worked perfectly for them. It was a solution that we had utilized with other clients and with which we had become well versed. This new system was much more end-user friendly and feature robust. However, despite it being easier for end users to overall utilize, some users still struggled to get on board with the recent technology.

End users were finding some of the nuances of initially setting up and joining meetings difficult to adapt to. They also had some difficulties getting full use out of the new features and accessories of the room system. Through general, focused, and on-demand training we have been working towards promoting adoption and empowering their employees to get the most out of their technology.

Ensuring your employees are adopting the new technology properly is vital. Read more about our Change Management & Adoption Services.

Overall, although the training and adoption is still an ongoing process, the quality of the new room system has been a rousing success. We have received feedback that the technology works much more intuitively with their Skype for Business technology. It is more user-friendly, robust and fully featured. With the new hardware, the call quality is much clearer and high quality both through the video and audio. Most importantly, with the new technology they can promote culture in the ways they have envisioned.

By implementing the modern room system into their new sites, they have found their culture consistent throughout all their sites, despite being entire states away from each other. By ensuring that their culture is embedded in every new employee and location, they are self-assured that their values are present in every aspect of their business. With more expansion on the horizon, they are confident that with this new technology their values and culture will continue to be an ever-present force in their organization.

It’s time to take culture in your organization seriously. Each weak link in your communication technology is negatively affecting your company culture. Begin the process of updating your communication and conference room technology today.